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Think you've got what it takes to build an industrial Kingdom with only water and money as your limiting Factors? I don't, but here's how you can give it a good shot:

Pressing Space on water picks up the water. Pressing space on grass creates a factory, which costs $25 and 1litre of water. Dirt also exists. Dirt is useless. Dirt is bad. Avoid Dirt. Dirt is actually unavoidable. Oh well. Every 60 - 120 seconds a random event occurs to make it harder. You'll figure them out.

My High Score is: I'll let you know soon!

Good Luck. You'll need it.

Install instructions

1. Download

2. Right click and unzip

3. Make sure that IASW.exe is in the same folder as the IASW_Data folder

3. Double click the .exe

4. Huzzah.


It's A Small World 24 MB

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